June Fashion Week: “Packed and Ready” with Inviting Arkansas Staff

Have no fear, the weekend is near! To wrap up this Fashion Week, the ladies of Inviting Arkansas disclose our favorite vacay spots to inspire your next summer getaway!



“Costa Rica – beautiful houses and great friends! Flip flops, a bathing suit and shorts are truly all you need to pack. Take a boat cruise and hopefully be escorted by the dolphins! Plus, you can see Elizabeth Taylor’s house in the distance!” – Michele Towne, Owner/Publisher

“Any beach, anywhere! Toes in the sand, salty air in the hair!” – Kim Meyer-Webb, Editor

“Amsterdam – A city for all seasons, and the summer months are particularly lovely. There are countless festivals, picnics in the park, outdoor cinemas and a great art scene. It’s also essential to enjoy cool drinks on a sunny terrace along the Amstel River.” – Heather Buckley, Art Director

“Tucson, AZ – it’s almost always pool weather, and you can’t beat the beautiful thunderstorms! Hiking is the most fun – Sabino Canyon was a fave with gorgeous views and fascinating creatures.” – Jessica Dyer, Production Manager

“Chiang Mai, Thailand – it’s home to many elephant rescue parks. Take a tuk-tuk ride, visit the night bazaar and eat some pad thai from a street cart! – Ferrell Bonner, Production Manager

“Laguna Beach, Cali – the ocean, the fashion, the food!” Shelly Chapel, Sales Executive

“Catalina Island, off the coast of Long Beach – it’s a beautiful town perched right on the water, best known as Hollywood’s great escape for stars like Marilyn Monroe. Shop on the pier, go camping and hike the mountain trails, or go for a boatride and zipline across the valley!” – Ella Thomas, Production Intern

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