May Fashion Week: A Close Up Look with Beyond Cotton

It’s time for another Inviting Arkansas Fashion Week – Memorial Day celebrations are practically here and that means cool summer style is in the forecast! Our May issue fashion spread featured all-white ensembles and minimal has never looked so chic. A couple of the boutiques shared some fresh insight on how showcase these essentials from day to night along with sensational summer style tips. Maura Montez, Stylist, Blogger and Director of Social Media for Beyond Cotton, gave us the killer scoop on their shot!


Inviting Arkansas: How would you describe this look?
Maura Montez:
This look maintains an overall elegance.

IA: What’s your favorite piece of the overall look?
MM: It is difficult to choose a favorite piece because all of it works harmoniously. Although the dress is beautiful by itself (and a personal favorite), accessories so often complete an outfit, and in this case, all pieces look as if they were made to be worn together.

IA: What’s the perfect occasion for this look?
MM: I think it could be a go-to for many spring and summer occasions; the dress can easily be dressed up or down and is exceptionally comfortable.

IA: What accessories would you add for a more daytime look?
MM: The pictured outfit is a great daytime look because it maintains freshness and ease – not too much, not too little.

IA: What accessories would you add to take the look into the night?
MM: Taking this look into the night would be as simple as pairing it with some metallic sandals or a brightly colored clutch… and a bright nail color never hurt.

IA: What is your favorite spring/summer trend?
MM: Year in and year out: LINEN.

IA: What is your must-have spring/summer accessory?
MM: My must-have spring accessory would have to be a delicate and versatile piece of jewelry, such as the Zzan earrings.

IA: What season essential screams springtime?
MM: A flowy dress or skirt.

IA: Fashion mantra?
I love this quote from Gianni Versace, because he takes such a subjective approach to fashion and personal style that is liberating: “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you want to live.”

Stay tuned tomorrow for another in-depth look at our May fashion feature with Vesta’s!

Inviting Arkansas

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