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Style Guide: Transitioning Over-the-Knee Boots into Summer

Madison Strode

Photography by Emily Segrest

Guest Blog by Madison Strode

Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are my over-the-knee boots (OTKB). I feel that they are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because they are so versatile and can be worn year round. Yes, year round! You can find them at almost any price point and style. I feel, though, that one of the most common misconceptions about OTKB is that you can only wear them through fall and winter. That is only half the fun with this closet staple.

Not only are these boots the finishing touch with any sweater dress or your favorite pair of denim, they go perfectly with your go-to wrap summer dress, shorts or skirt. When I envision my black, leather OTKB, I see them not with an oversized sweater and jeans, but cutoff shorts and a white button down.


A lot of people are hesitant about investing or adding a staple of this kind to their closet that they would only wear “half the year”. Embracing the coverage of these boots and balancing it out is the key to making this look work every month of the year. I am loving denim on denim lately, especially with the strong leather aspect of this look. I feel that it keeps it from being too overwhelming, which is why I chose it for this post. But the truth is, the options are endless. The hardest part will be picking which sundress shows off your tan the best.


My favorite part of this whole outfit is that it is different and unexpected. With fashion, I am all about being unique, standing out and making a statement. I can almost guarantee that if you walk into a barbecue this summer, you’ll be the only one rocking this look. For me, that is a solid reason to add any item to your lineup.

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