Atlas Osbcura Ecliptic Festival: Valley of the Vapors 20th Anniversary

Photography by JEREMY RODGERS | Shot on Location at CEDAR GLADES PARK

Established in 2005 with a purpose of producing Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival, Low Key Arts continues to cultivate community through meaningful artistic experiences. The organization provides resources and educational opportunities to better understand an evolving global culture. Executive Director Sonny Kay recognizes the value that Low Key Arts brings to Hot Springs and looks forward to a broader audience as the organization plans for this year’s Atlas Osbcura Ecliptic Festival: Valley of the Vapors 20th Anniversary. 

Atlas Obscura is dedicated to inspiring wonder + curiosity about the world. In partnership with Low Key Arts, the company will host the festival during the total solar eclipse next month. The anticipated 4,000 attendees will align with the vision of Low Key Arts. Sonny explains, “We hope to broaden perspectives on the human condition, reality and life experiences. Any place that’s a melting pot or a cross section of different kinds of people inherently becomes a more interesting place. That’s what Valley of the Vapors has done for years; this year will be even larger and more diverse.” Artists include Angel Olsen, Allah-Las, Blonde Redhead, Shannon & the Clams, Deerhoof, and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists. Astronomers, philosophers and mythologists will offer insight; the star of the four-day festival will be unparalleled views of the full solar eclipse + three minutes / 36 seconds of daytime darkness. 

The festival will be hosted near Hot Springs National Park and provides a unique vantage point as well as world-renowned musical performances, classes and exceptional accommodations including camping + glamping under the stars. Sonny elaborates, “Hot Springs has always focused on the arts and collaboration. I love being at the center of this hive of activity. I love joining forces with other organizations when we try to further a common goal.”

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