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Mom. Journalist. Storyteller.

By KIM MEYER-WEBB | Photography by MEREDITH MELODY | Hair & Makeup by TYLER RICHARDS with RED BEAUTY LOUNGE | Wardrobe from INDIGO

For more than two decades, Arkansans depended on Alyson Courtney for the most accurate news available. Her career as a journalist, often defined by the spirit of community, brought her to the Natural State. During times of crisis she was a reassuring voice and she enjoyed every opportunity for joyful celebration. After an impressive tenure at THV 11 and KATV 7, Alyson stepped away from broadcast journalism; she realized a deep devotion for fellow Arkansans and the place her family calls home. “Arkansas has given far more to us than we have given back. We work daily to return the favor.” And that set the stage for Producing Artistic Director Vincent Insalaco to persuade her to join Argenta Community Theater.

Inspired by human connections, the pursuit of knowledge and artistic expression – Argenta Community Theatre is a perfect place for Alyson to continue a journey of cultivating community and storytelling. “Each news assignment pushed me to explore diverse perspectives, question assumptions and contribute to the broader understanding of the world.” At Argenta Community Theater, Alyson looks forward with big plans and a bright future as she welcomes friends and patrons to Miracle on 34th Street this month.

Alyson was initially introduced to Argenta Community Theater through her daughters’ interests as aspiring actors. Today, she’s equally impressed with the organization’s arts education programming. “Argenta Community Theater isn’t just a venue, it’s a space where everyone feels a part of something special.” ACT II The Sharon Heflin Performing Arts Education Center provides arts enrichment to more than 2,000 students in Central Arkansas. “This program isn’t just about teaching arts; it’s about sparking creativity and nurturing the next generation of thinkers, dreamers and innovators.” Alyson notes how critical this mission fulfillment work has become with more than 6O schools in the Little Rock, North Little Rock and Pulaski County School Districts that offer no performing arts program. “We have to help supplement in this area when public school funding does not.”

This broader perspective and civic responsibility fuels enthusiasm. An unwavering dedication by a cast of volunteers and patrons makes it all possible. “Our history is rich; our shows have always been a special gift and you can feel that energy at every performance. Couple that with the incredible growth during the last two years and the new ways we’re connecting with the community and you’ve got a pretty magical story.” << cue the bell from Miracle on 34th Street >> Alyson notes this holiday classic guarantees the world of Kris Kringle will dazzle and delight families. She believes it’s an opportunity to engage more constituents in the vision + values of Argenta Community Theater. “We hope people feel a sense of passion when they walk through our doors. There is a collective commitment to shaping the cultural identity of Arkansas and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. Argenta Community Theater is working to build a legacy that extends beyond the footlights.”

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