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Photography by JAMISON MOSLEY | Shot on Location at White Water Tavern

Fellow Arkansans – neighbors, colleagues and friends – are sharing a light of peace, kindness and generosity that makes The Natural State a little brighter. Inviting Arkansas and Methodist Family Health celebrate individuals who illuminate our community with goodness. Nominate someone today for a future feature that SHINES.

SHINE-ola returns to the legendary White Water Tavern next month. Featuring Arkansas singer-songwriter Jason Lee Hale, this later summer FUN-draiser promises a good time with great folks for an important purpose. Proprietor Travis Hill hopes to welcome friends new and old to White Water Tavern for an evening that aligns with his family’s values and vision for the future.

Travis believes in the power of community and recognizes that music plays an important part of this culture and history. For more than two decades, he’s immersed himself in the industry. From wholesale and retail to record labels and concert promotions, he has experienced it all. But amidst these adventures, one place has remained constant – White Water Tavern, where music and community intertwine. In 2021, Travis and his wife Natalee purchased White Water Tavern when its future was uncertain. Determined to preserve the beloved establishment, the Little Rock landmark emerged from the challenges posed by the pandemic.

His heart for service is also reflected in his work at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. As UAMS Centers for Simulation Education Executive Director, Travis travels to rural hospitals across the state. He insists it’s all about the people.

The diversity, kindness and gratitude witnessed throughout the state as well as within the confines of White Water Tavern is remarkable. “We feel fortunate to serve as a gathering place for folks to come together for fellowship and shake off the noise of division constantly foisted upon us outside those walls. We don’t care your social status, political affiliation, or how you self-identify.” For many, the tavern is more than a venue, it’s a sanctuary. The sense of community that Travis has fostered is palpable, and it’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to inclusivity. As Travis puts it, “Don’t be an asshole and you’re always welcome.”

This kind of fellowship fostered by Travis and his team at White Water Tavern is exemplified through campaigning for various groups and a belief to treat people as individuals with their own story to tell. They organize fundraisers for various organizations including Arkansas Food Bank, CARELINK Meals on Wheels and causes that aid musicians – all with the intention that proceeds fund direct initiatives. His guiding principle is simple: live by the golden rule. “Treat people as individuals with their own story to tell. We’re all human and face the same struggles.” As SHINE-ola approaches, White Water Tavern anticipates a night of live performances, camaraderie, and a shared purpose. Travis stands ready to welcome everyone with open arms, reminding us all to come together, celebrate and offer a helping hand. It’s this kind of energy that inspires and reaffirms his belief in the power of community.


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