Scott McGehee – Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Proprietor of the Year

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By Kim Meyer Webb | Photography by Rett Peek | Shot on location at Rattle’s Farm

   His business philosophy is simple: “Be kind, always, and cook delicious food – Period.” With this vision of hospitality + scrumptious creations, it’s no surprise that Scott McGehee has become a beacon in Arkansas cuisine.  Like good food feeds the soul, Scott and his Yellow Rocket Concepts team serve the community with an unwavering commitment to excellence. The company culture blends tradition with contemporary, local partnerships bringing Arkansas farming and agriculture into the Capital City’s tastiest establishments.

   Scott’s attention to detail – featuring the freshest, seasonal ingredients at any one of his eateries – comes from his love of nature and lessons learned at an early age. “Just being in the garden with my great grandmother Ruby picking fruits and veggies, then spending time in her kitchen was the spark that started my journey. Everything that excites me about food begins in the field and is transformed by fire, tools and hands; always served with passion and appreciation,” Scott reflects. His family’s legacy in Arkansas is undeniable. From Ruby’s recipes at the helm of the legendary Red Apple Inn kitchen to the fabled Arkansas cheese dip, every delicious bite is “born from tradition, but with an excitement for what is possible.” He considers this collective history a family heirloom to be cherished and shared.

   This enthusiasm continues to inspire the Yellow Rocket Concepts team to “do more than you think you can do, every day and always.” Whether it’s Cinco de Heights that benefits the Arkansas Foodbank or selling rainbow shakes to support Lucie’s Place, improving the lives of Arkansans is an ideal that is shared throughout the company. With a statewide presence, there’s still a very intimate approach to “take care of the people around you – family, friends and community. And always feed people who are hungry and in need whenever you can.”

   As the 2020 Arkansas Food Hall of Fame Proprietor of the Year, Scott McGehee makes his own contributions to the collective food culture of Arkansas while preserving the essence of what makes The Natural State unique: its history and heritage.

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