The AU-SOME Event

A Night in Vegas


Randy ZooK BELIEVES making wellness more accessible is AU-SOME and credits Arkansas Urology for its unwavering commitment to eliminating health disparities across the state. Along with the Arkansas Urology Foundation, he will welcome patrons to A Night in Vegas later this fall – betting everyone can be winner and improve the welfare of fellow Arkansans.
For more than two decades, Arkansas Urology has pioneered and expanded health care in Arkansas. The 14 clinics that serve more 140,000 patients annually reflect the organization’s vision: Together, we will help someone today. This includes a urology-specific center, an advanced prostate cancer and radiation center, a 24-hour kidney stone hotline and a new state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic center in Little Rock.

Outstanding quality care and technology are paramount, but logistics remain a critical consideration. “Ensuring all Arkansans have access to medical care and preventative health screenings regardless of where they live or any other barriers that might stand in the way is our top priority,” Arkansas Urology Foundation & Marketing Director Chris Shenep explains. Randy adds, “Urology is one of the most often needed specialties. It is fundamental to good health because our plumbing systems are fragile, especially as we age. There is a shortage of providers in most of Arkansas, especially rural areas.” The Arkansas Urology 10 Point Check Up is a free and convenient option available to men for quick, first-time health checkups. The Arkansas Urology Foundation generates funding for free screenings at the clinics.

The AU-SOME Event will celebrate this continued mission fulfillment work of Arkansas Urology. Guests can experience A Night in Vegas featuring favorite casino games and live entertainment by an official Rat Pack tribute band. Chris adds, “There will not be a long, drawn-out program, rubber chicken dinner, never-ending auction or appeal. This will be a fun, unique evening with a first-class band that illustrates everything about the Vegas strip.” The evening will recognize Randy for his devotion to organization and his ideal, “Make a difference in the lives of others.”

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