The Many Faces of CARTI

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Photography by LORI SPARKMAN PHOTOGRAPHY | Makeup by Stephanie Duty | Shot on location at CARTI Cancer Center

These boutiques share a commitment to our community and the CARTI mission of improved + compassionate patient care. Like so many supporters, each have a personal devotion to CARTI.

Sarah Wilson, Steamroller Blues – “I am a CARTI patient.”

Penny Burkhalter, Beyond Cotton 2 – “I’m a 16-year breast cancer survivor.”

Catherine Sims, E. Leigh’s – “My husband is surgeon at CARTI.”

Julia Davenport Brand, Feinstein’s – “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.”

Heather Abed, J.McLaughlin – “I am receiving breast cancer treatment with Dr. Gentry.”

Vanette Vititow, Barbara Jean – “I have breast cancer.”

Melissa Masingill, Scarlet – “I am VP of Marketing & Business Development at CARTI.”

Amanda Kella, B. Barnett  – “I lost three of my grandparents to cancer.”

Judy Busbey, Vesta’s – “I was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer in 2012.”

Kelly Pittman, Indigo – “I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on my birthday in January.”

Aimee Olinghouse, Roberson’s Fine Jewelry – “My mom passed away 20 years ago from metastatic breast cancer.”

Erik Sward, Bell & Sward – “My grandmother was treated at CARTI.”

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