VL Cox Q&A

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

VL Cox is a nationally acclaimed artist whose work continues the conversation of human rights and equality. It inspires strong emotion – her creations are powerful, imaginative and unprecedented in style. Red Door Gallery in North Little Rock showcases VL Cox’s work available for acquisition. VL Cox shares her insight and unique perspective to people + places that enrich her soul.

Inspiration? I have discovered that the human spirt is alive and well despite the digital disconnect that tends to dominate our society. Life is an incredible adventure – new places, people and experiences enrich my soul. It introduces me to new ideas, and I have discovered a part of me as well – a fierce, yet kind, person within myself that I like very, very much.

Favorite art forms? I am a mixed media artist, which means I use everything that I can. I have worked with oils, acrylics, different textural mediums, canvas, metal, wood and many other materials. My favorite so far is Golden Acrylics, which delivers a high pigment load and is highly regarded worldwide by conservators. I also enjoy sculpting and own a large collection of tools – air chisels, compressors, hand tools – so I can tackle projects with vigor.

Evolution as an artist? I was unexpectedly pushed outside of ‘my bubble’ and as difficult as that journey was, it changed my life. I feel as if I have broken through the bonds of complacency to wake up every day to a whole new world. I pay more attention to current events, observe individuals on a deeper level, embrace challenges and realize that we are no different than deep running water in the rivers. We ebb, flow and navigate the boulders as we go. I want my work to reflect this because it relates to all of us.

Advice to aspiring artists? There are no rules in art. Consistency is extremely important yes, but not to the point of restriction. Also, be fierce in message and determination. Most importantly, be true to yourself. The power of the arts can change hearts, minds and even the world during times of difficulty or adversity.

What’s nextMore adventure and new experiences. I want to continue to learn, interact with others and help use my talents to contribute to the community. I’m not one for sitting still for very long. Life is extremely short and WAY too interesting.


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