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The Birthday Cake French Macaron Kit by Treatsie

Some people might know me from my little bakery, Sweet Love. I sold cakes and cupcakes, cookies and French macarons for exactly four years. It was a really fun experience that let me do some pretty amazing things.

Guest Blog by Kelli Marks with Treatsie

Photography by John David Pittman

When I decided to close Sweet Love, I considered a few opportunities – each of which would take me in a completely different direction. Treatsie was a unique opportunity to use my baking and confectionery knowledge while utlizing my formal background of business and advertising. We’re a pretty small team, so we each wear multiple hats.

A typical day includes posting to social media and checking the status of our blog, followed by phone calls with manufacturers. Sometimes I end up in the kitchen developing the next recipe for a baking kit or one of our candies. The Treatsie At Home baking kits are our newest product – think of the chef­-at-­home dinner kits like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or Plated, but for desserts. Subscribers receive a new dessert to enjoy each month. Everything required for the recipe is included and pre­measured, save for any dairy or eggs that might be needed.

As I create these recipes, I try to find a balance between something that’s too easy like a boxed cake mix, but not so difficult that people feel overwhelmed. I want baking to be approachable and fun. I always tell people that most of what I know is just having the right tools and a few tricks up the sleeve. These kits provide tools all the essentials – like piping bags and tips – along with fun extras like chocolate flake sprinkles. There are several other recipes planned for upcoming months that range from cake­-based recipes to decadent cookie sandwiches. I hope you learn something while baking for, or with, your family and friends. Since French macarons are a daunting dessert to tackle, we made sure to include step­-by-­step instructions, as well as a follow­-up video so you can actually watch how they are made. These kits are practically cooking lessons in a box!

Photography by Wendy Kelley

The first recipe I created are the Birthday Cake French Macarons. Sweet Love fans will recognize these as one of our most popular macarons. They’re actually almond macarons, but the fun, colorful sprinkles made them a favorite of both kids and adults. The trick to a good French macaron is weighing out all the ingredients and getting a good stiff peak on the egg whites. The rest is just a steady piping hand and having fun with the sprinkles!

Photography by Wendy Kelley

The Birthday Cake French Macaron kit includes the following:

  • French macaron mix
  • Sprinkle butter cream mix
  • Sugar for meringues
  • Sprinkles for decoration
  • Piping bag and tip for macarons
  • Piping bag for butter cream
  • Guide for macarons
  • 2 sheets parchment
  • Instructions
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