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   Cancer affects one in three individuals, which means that all of us should be aware of family history, lifestyle contributors and, of course, signs and symptoms. But advancements in diagnostic radiology can reveal what other tests can’t – subtle changes that indicate cancer in its earliest stages. And that’s just the beginning.

Key Screenings

   As a leading-edge provider of cancer care in Arkansas and the region, CARTI is home to the most advanced imaging technology, including PET CT, CT, MRI, ultrasound, interventional radiology and much more. One of the most impactful ways they can use this technology to benefit Arkansans is through screenings, particularly for lung and breast cancers.

  New lung cancer screenings have proven incredibly valuable in detecting cancer long before it could be easily seen on chest X-ray, meaning a patient’s medical team can intervene sooner and have a higher chance of a positive outcome. Unfortunately, this screening is especially critical for Arkansans. Our state is consistently ranked among the highest smoking rates in the country at around 20%, and that percentage has climbed even higher among high school students.

Targeted Treatment

   Beyond screenings, emerging technology is taking radiology beyond information to targeted treatment. CARTI was the first facility in Arkansas to use a radiotracer – which tags the tumor itself to deliver targeted radiation therapy – for prostate cancer treatment. CARTI currently has two such tagging agents, one for neuroendocrine tumor and one for prostate cancer, with plans to expand as the technology continues to develop.




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