Cooking in Bloom: Tried & True Roasted Veggies

I miss summer. I’m sure you do too, even though the routine of back to school and the pace of fall is reassuring. If you’re longing for the flavor of grilled veggies but don’t have time after work to fire up the grill, Denise Albert from Cooking in Bloom says that roasting them can bring a refreshing taste to your dinner table.

Tried & True Roast Vegetables

This works with any vegetable of you and your child’s choosing!


Veggies (your choice)

Olive oil

Lemon (whole)



Spray a roasting pan or cookie sheet with olive oil (or alternatively food release spray). In a bowl, toss veg lightly with olive oil. Spread on sheet and prepare for oven. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. The vegetables should look a little browned. The brown bits add a new level of flavor. Add some lemon zest and fresh cracked pepper to finish.

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