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Meet Brandy + Bella Vita Jewelry

Brandy Thomason McNair

Bella Vita Jewelry – Owner / Curator    108 West 6th – Downtown Little Rock

“My favorite thing about my new shop is there is space to host events and workshops. We tried like hell to do it in the old shop and did the best with the space we had. The second best thing about the new space is the community we are creating. I’ve loved watching all the connections being made – old friends reconnecting, parents connecting with their kiddos and all the people making new friends.”

With a love of community, Bella Vita Jewelry recognizes that cultivating authentic connections among family + friends is a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and create meaningful new ones.

Workshops are a perfect < and fun > opportunity to do this. Each month, Brandy curates a variety of options with special interests that appeal to lots of interesting people. Some of the more popular ones have been Birth Charts + DIY Zodiac Necklace, Native Wildflowers Watercolor and – a consistent favorite – jewelry making classes.

Check out the October schedule of events and remember – Bella Vita Jewelry is available for private parties this holiday season.

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