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More than One Way to Party with All Your Heart This September

Guest blog by Stacey Margaret Jones

September is a big month for Party with a Heart.

And it’s a month that reminds me, as a new board member, of why I got involved in the first place. That’s because we’re acting on the values that engaged me originally as a volunteer, and we’re looking forward to putting those ideas into action for another year by making plans with a new partner.

Our second – and final – big event of the year is September 30: the Mamma Mia! Sing-a-Long. It’s a fun girls’ night out, movie-watching, easy-going party. And a few days prior, September 24, applications to be our nonprofit partner for next year are due.

The Mamma Mia Sing-a-Long is a singular event in Little Rock, where, let’s face it, there are a lot of events for a number of very worthy causes. Our goal is to put on low-maintenance fun events by and for women for causes that benefit women directly.

What does this mean if you’re going to Party with a Heart’s Mamma Mia! Sing-a-long?

  • You pay for your ticket and nothing else.
    Once you arrive at the sing-a-long, you won’t be asked to bid on silent or live auction items, buy raffle tickets or donate any more money. The food and drinks are included in your ticket (and so is a swag bag + party favors for movie interaction). When you get your ticket on, you’re done spending money on the party.
  • You party with women (no dudes allowed).
    I admit, I wasn’t sure I was down with this part of it; for one thing, my husband wanted to come to Mamma Mia! last year! But once I arrived and saw the camaraderie among the women, the friendliness and relaxed nature of the party (there may have been women dancing on the stage), I saw the glories of an occasional night out with girlfriends only.
  • Your money goes to a cause that supports and elevates women.
    Of course, this year’s partner, Literacy Action of Central Arkansas, benefits men, women and their families, but LACA makes a very big impact on families when it helps mothers learn to read and/or to improve their English-language skills — to read to their children, read their children’s school information and help their children with their homework. We know a mother’s literacy significantly impacts a family’s well being, and our events this year are helping to support LACA in all it does in this regard.
  • Your money stays in Arkansas to help Arkansans.
    You can look around and see the benefits of the ticket-price contribution you make when you support Party with a Heart and its annual nonprofit partner. It’s in your neighborhood, in your schools, where you work, shop and play.

Which leads us to the other way you can support Party with a Heart, and, in turn, your own community and the causes within it that you care most about. September 24 is the deadline for nonprofit organizations to apply to be our partner next year. Our Girls Night Out and Sing-a-Long events will raise money and awareness for that partner, along with other events and opportunities that arise throughout the year.

We hope to hear from organizations you support by September 24 and we hope to see you September 30. Share the application and get your tickets. That’s how we can party with all our hearts, supporting Arkansas women together.

About the author: Stacey Margaret Jones is a Party with a Heart board member. She’s an independent market researcher and writer who lives in Conway with her husband and three dogs.

About the photo: Melissa Hendricks, Marsha Hines, Joyce Taylor and Party with a Heart board member Yvette Parker party with all their hearts at the 2016 Mamma Mia! Sing-a-Long.

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