Outstanding Volunteer Fundraisers

Photography by Jamison Mosley 

Loren & Tom Bartole

“Philanthropy has always been a foundation in our families. We were raised in service households, went to service-minded universities, have service-centered careers, and demonstrated to our daughters, Mattingly and Montana, the importance of service to our communities. There is no excuse not to get involved! Give of your time, open your hearts and wallets, and support the missions of so many wonderful local organizations.”




Christy & William Clark

“My dad provided a great model for service that I watched as I grew up. He enjoyed helping improve other people’s lives, and I inherited that from him. We would tell any young person to just dive into community service. As you grow and realize what means the most to you, the good things you do serving others will be what you remember most – not the things you accomplish in business. Everybody needs help at some point in their lives, and those with the ability to help have an obligation to do so. It’s very satisfying, but also humbling knowing so many people depend on the help of others to get through difficult times.” 



Mildred J. Franco

“I started my volunteer fundraising activities in Arkansas in 1990; Arkansas is a small state where volunteerism is valued and has a great impact.  The first organization was the Junior League of Pine Bluff. There have been many others since then including Pine Bluff Symphony Orchestra, Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, United Way of Southeast Arkansas, EAST Initiative and Women’s Foundation of Arkansas. Philanthropy allows us to give back to the communities we love by supporting organizations who provide critical services in those communities.”


Inviting Arkansas

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