The Silver Ball

By Kim Meyer-Webb | Photography by Dero Sanford | Hair & Makeup by Haydon Howard with Red Beauty Lounge | Wardrobe from Dillard’s & Vesta’s | Shot on location at Little Rock Marriott

   Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl is recognized throughout the Capital City as not only a consummate professional, but also – and equally impressive – as a humanitarian. She cultivates campaigns, alongside the MHP/Team SI industry experts, with a finite focus on measurable results. Despite a bustling home + work schedule, Sharon remains a mentor to aspiring young women and leads by example with a heart for service < and perfection > in our community. As a principal at MHP/Team SI, Sharon has worked with Arkansas Urology since its inception – creating a thoughtful and intentional marketing strategy that penetrates the underserved, rural communities of Arkansas.

   For more than two decades, Arkansas Urology has pioneered and expanded wellness services throughout the state.  Sharon, along with the Arkansas Urology Foundation, will welcome patrons to the organization’s inaugural Silver Ball later this month. She is member of the Arkansas Urology Foundation Board of Directors. “The evening will celebrate the growth and transformation of Arkansas Urology and the many lives touched by this,” Sharon notes. Arkansas Urology is comprised of 14 clinics throughout the state – serving more than 110,000 patients annually. Outstanding quality care and technology are considered paramount, but access to services remains a critical consideration. “For the past 16 years, Arkansas Urology has provided thousands of free prostate cancer screenings to Arkansans at its annual National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month events,” Sharon elaborates. “Now it’s even more important since we’re coming out of the pandemic – considering the number of men that missed screenings last year.”

   The ball offers a unique opportunity to showcase the continued mission fulfillment work of Arkansas Urology and the organization’s vision: Together, we will help someone today. A highlight of the evening is the introduction of the Dr. Mack Moore Fund to honor his legacy of service. “Dr. Moore is a founding physician partner, beloved urologist by thousands of Arkansans and – if I might add – one hell of a golfer.” Proceeds from the evening support the Arkansas Urology Foundation. “We believe all men in the state regardless of cultural background, financial resources or proximity to care should have access to information, diagnosis and state-of-the-art treatment,” Arkansas Urology Foundation & Marketing Director Chris Shenep explains. The Arkansas Urology 10 Point Check Up is a free and convenient option available to men for fast, quick first-time health checkups – made possible by the foundation. These health screenings throughout the state are critical to the welfare of all Arkansans. Chris adds, “It’s a way to encourage men to make health a priority, so they can continue to care for friends and family.” Sharon emphasizes, “One of the most important things women can do as leaders in the campaign for Men’s Health is to encourage – dare I say insist – that the men in their lives get screened and take control of their health. Early detection is key!”

  As partners in the relentless pursuit of a healthier future for all Arkansans, MHP/Team SI and Arkansas Urology share this vision. “All great partnerships are founded on values,” Sharon explains. “Our values are innovation, social responsibility – reaching as many people as possible – and providing the Arkansas Urology Gold Standards.” Chris adds, “Our set of Gold Standards alight the entire Arkansas Urology team with a singular goal rooted in excellence and personal, patient care.”

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