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Tennis at the LR Racquet and Athletic Clubs

When I was about five years old, my father handed me my first tennis racket and taught me how to play the game of tennis.

Throughout the years, I have continued playing with my father and friends. Those first few life-long lessons with him and my coaches, such as “win or lose, keep a smile on your face and remember to leave it all at the court,” still stick with me to this day.

Both the LRRC & LRAC offer a comprehensive tennis program for kids, which is a great way to build confidence, learn social skills and take a break from technology. This year-round program provides a path of development for kids from age 4 through age 18. Beginners of any age can jump in the program whenever they want to learn how to play!

I had the pleasure of getting the scoop on this awesome program from CEO Frank Lawrence, Coach Campbell and tennis star Rosemary. Check out my interview with them here!


Click here to find out more about the tennis at the Racquet & Athletic clubs.
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